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We’ve sterilised over 41,582 animals!

VETSOL (The Vetsol Trust) is a registered non-profit and peoples benefit organization. Our main objective is to provide regular and safe veterinary sterilisation services in areas where veterinary care is either unaffordable, or absent. VETSOL actively partners with welfare organizations who work in rural or township communities that do not have resident veterinarians.

The purpose of VETSOL is to sterilize the dogs and cats, i.e. the pets of the poor and rural communities. The result, smaller manageable pet populations which can be cared for and fed properly. These pets then become more valued by their owners so reducing the number of strays, neglected and abused pets AND the occurrence of inappropriate human-animal interactions that are frequently common in these areas. Also the need for unnecessary euthanasia is reduced and this has a great positive psychological impact on the communities and those actively involved in animal welfare.

VETSOL works with the many local animal welfare groups to assist in the primary health care of these pets and in educating the owners in responsible pet care thus reducing the incidence of diseases transmitted from pets to owners and vice versa. A financially independent VETSOL will further advantage the animal welfare groups who can then utilize their precious financial resources for the treatment and care of these pets and not for sterilizations.

What Is Sterilization?

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These surgical procedures therefore prevent the repeated production of UNWANTED PUPPIES AND KITTENS - AND IMPROVE THE GENERAL HEALTH OF BOTH THE FEMALES AND THE MALES!

We know Vetsol makes a difference when our community volunteers have difficulty in finding unsterilized animals in our most visited communities.

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