Grabouw Project 2020

We are very excited to share this news with you.

On Vetsol’s application for NLC funding, the NLC has granted a small amount of funding to supplement the current and ongoing sterilizations in the Grabouw area. The two organisations on the ground in the area are R.A.D represented by Helene Strydom and GAWS represented by Justine Frey. Both NPO's whom will be instrumental in making the project a success.

Both of these NPO's work tirelessly to help the animals in the area and recognise that sterilization is the key to making a long-term difference for the community and animals of Grabouw.

The project will run from January to December 2020 with a target of 50 animals to sterilize per month between R.A.D. and GAWS in the Grabouw area, a total of an additional 600 animals sterilized for the 2020 year. This will supplement the work that they are currently doing by their own volition through their own fundraising efforts.

For those of you who follow our work and the work of R.A.D. and GAWS you know well that with every sterilization day comes the influx of injured animals, sick animals, stray animals and handed over animals that all need assistance or re-homing. Without donations they would not be able to treat these animals or to be able to re-home them but would have to leave them to suffer. Please visit the GAWS and R.A.D facebook pages to see how you can make a donation or help raise funds for the work that they do to stop the suffering of animals.



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