Lesley on 2018

Working for Vetsol in conjunction with the various Animal Welfare Organizations in and around Cape Town is a most rewarding and inspiring experience.

Each time we arrive for a sterilisation day there are a number of mostly volunteers, mostly women, ready to attend to peoples pets. They have collected names and addresses and arrange for the transport of these animals to sterilised. Once the animals have arrived at the venue they will then care for the animals during the sterilization process. These animal welfare champions will often supply/arrange for additional veterinary care or even removal of animals in extreme cases of abuse. They are the ones at the coal face so to speak and for whom I have great respect.

Vetsol strives to assist pet owners and animal welfare champions to bring about some control in the breeding of so many unwanted puppies & kittens that end up neglected or abandoned and vulnerable on the streets.

When we are first invited to do the sterilisations the task seems impossible and some ask “why bother?” However in those areas where monthly sterilisations are carried out we start to see the changes after about 6 -8 months. The animals that come in are younger and in better health the surgery is therefore easier and safer. I am also aware that what we do is greatly appreciated by most of the owners for whom this service is not available nor could they ever afford it.

Driving into these townships is heart wrenching- the over population, filth and general degradation is frightening- but these women go in there for the sake of the animals and that is extraordinary!

So to those who do this, know that you are amazing and our wish is that we could get financial assistance so that would never be a limiting issue.

Lesley I’Ons

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