Saving lives one sterilisation at a time!

Veterinary Solutions (VetSol) is a non-profit organisation that has been rendering an essential mobile veterinary sterilisation and primary treatment programme in underprivileged communities in the Western Cape since 2005.

To date, they have sterilised more than 32 000 animals in areas like Khayelitsha, Grabouw and Sutherland. Sr Dagmar Atkinson, the founder of VetSol, is still running the project nine years later, while working as the veterinary nurse.

We want to thank the wonderful people at VetSol for the amazing opportunity to work alongside them. We had so much fun and your enthusiasm makes us very excited for our future in this career.

We spent two mornings in Khayelitsha and one day in Grabouw. Our experience in Khayelitsha was eye opening. It was great to see the amount of care and love people have for their animals, even when they have little. The set up in the small containers in Khayelitsha is very effective.

The friendly staff always make you laugh and they run the show like a well-oiled machine. Watching Dr Anderson sterilise the animals was great. His technique is precise and effortless. Our day at Grabouw was even more fun because we were very busy. We learnt a lot and gained more confidence with handling dogs. We have so much respect for Sr Atkinson. It is wonderful to watch her work and it is always a pleasure to be around her. She was always smiling or laughing and, in stressful moments, she had a calming effect.

Meeting Jade Buckfield was also a privilege. Thank you for all your hard work and all the spoils you organised for us. We are so grateful for such an amazing group to work with. VetSol is an inspiring cause and we cannot wait for the day that we can fully participate in the cause. Many people dream of changing the world, but we have come to realise that VetSol really does it.

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